The ‘Harry Potter’ Cast Members Who Appeared In ‘Bridgerton’!

Did you spot them?

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Netflix’s 19th century drama, Bridgerton, has become our first TV obsessed of 2021 and it seems like every episode a face pops up that looks damn familiar.

If you’re a fan of British television, you’ll be used to a Harry Potter cast member popping up in every other show, so it’s no surprised that two Bridgeton actors have appeared in our favourite magical series.

If you’re wondering why Prince Friederich of Prussia looks so familiar, it’s because he’s played by Freddie Stroma aka Cormac McLaggen!

Fans will remember McLaggen as the swoon-worthy-slightly-arrogant Gryffindor student who has a bit of a thing for Hermione in the later films. But let’s be real, we really remember him from that moment where he licked the ice-cream of his fingers at Slughorn’s dinner party.


You might also remember Freddie for his roles in Pitch Perfect and Unreal!

Now, you’re forgiven for not noticing that the Duke of Hasting was also in Harry Potter.

Actor Regé-Jean Page made a teeny tiny appearance as a guest at Bill and Fleur’s wedding in The Deathly Hallows - Part 1!


He's so little! 

If you've already finished Bridgerton and are having major withdrawals, take a look at our list of regency TV shows you should watch next! 

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15 January 2021

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