Kick-Start Those New Year Resolutions With These Healthy Trends Coming In 2021

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Can we just be the first to say, thank god this year is finally coming to an end!

And if there's anything 2020 has taught us, it is to take care of our mind, body and finances, especially to safe proof them in case of any unforeseen circumstances!

*cough cough* Thanks COVID19 for furthering our trust issues.

Anyway, in order to prep our bodies, minds and well, lives as best we can for next year, we've gone and found all the best wellness trends we can see making their mark on 2021.

Smart Withing Watches

Not only do these hybrid watches track, monitor and improve health but they're the closest smartwatch that looks the most similar a stylish analog watch. They also have the worlds first analog watch with a built-in electrocardiogram and activity tracking!

Infrared Sauna Blankets

Love infrared saunas? Rather than paying $50 a pop, you now have the option to purchase the blanket and use it whenever you like from home. MiHIGH have done just that! The heat generated by infrared saunas stimulates your body at a cellular level which increases the production of white blood cells which help support your immune system! 

Smart Sunglasses

Kick-off 2021 in style with these smart glasses, they are literally like a mini assistant! These not only protect your eyes but allow you to listen to music, answer calls and pretty much organise your daily life on the go!

Portable Smoothie / Protein Blender

These little bad boys are the best way to BYO your own smoothie or protein shake while on the go! Sante Au blenders come in a range of fun colours and are a perfect size to fit in any bag or just enjoy on a walk. Their rechargeable and easy to clean design makes them the perfect health kick gift we all need for 2021!

Connected Fitness

Vitruvian is the innovative Aussie connected-fitness device that promises to dramatically improve the efficiency and accessibility of resistance training! Not to mention this one product will work your entire body with weight variations between 7kg and 180kg, so it is perfect for anyone who wants a home and office gym without taking up space!

Smart Stress Relief

Uncommon Goods

We all know how detrimental stress can be to your body and mind! So, manage next year's mishaps with this smart stress relief ball! It connects to your phone and helps you also build hand strength. 

Sleep Tracker Matt

This new smart matt offers a new way to track sleep with the sleep cycles analysis (deep, light and REM), heart rate tracking and snore detection! Easy one-time setup and automatic sync to the Health Mate app. It also features IFTTT integration for scenarios such as dimming lights when you go to bed, or turning up your thermostat when you get up!


Write down what you are grateful for, store it and read it back at the start of each month. These little gratitude jars are the perfect way to capture the spirit of living, celebrating life events, memories and expressing words of love to family, friends or even colleagues! Life is short, words go unsaid and values are not lived. 

Get out into nature

Now is a great time to get out and about and explore our own backyards! The Red Paddle Co 11’0” Compact Stand Up Paddleboard is full of practical features and innovations making it an ideal match for paddlers who regularly travel with their board or want to adventure further in the new year!


This is the water bottle taking over Instagram by storm! It gives you a little reminder to stay hydrated every morning and night, plus it's BPA Free and Eco Friendly!

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18 January 2021

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